Name: Dani
Age: 22
Hometown: Oak Creek, WI
Politics: peace
Religion: god loves us

Activities: writing, carpentry, scrapbooking, hugging, interior design
Interests: breakfast, blackjack, nail polish, cats, hermit crabs, iphone, whiskey, dresses, fashion, airports, cheese, chocolate milk, drums.
Weird obsession: Charles Manson

Music: yes.
T.V.: King of the Hill, Wheel of Fortune, Cake Boss, HGTV, White Collar
Movies: St. Elmo’s Fire, Twister, The Social Network, D2: Mighty Ducks, Across the Universe
Books: Helter Skelter, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, true crime non-fiction

Quote to live by: “Inject your soul with sweet rock ‘n roll”
Okay, one more quote: Pete Wentz on his Twitter: “im thinking you should always wear something you love everyday. cause you might get hit by a bus and who wants to die in sweatpants”

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